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Sergei Brin, co-founder of Google, said it was excavating eBay Fang Tai coins.

date: 2018-07-18
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During the block chain summit in the Kasbah Tamadot hotel in Morocco, Forbes reporter Michael del Castillo announced the latest push, saying that the current president of the Alphabet, Google co - founder Sergei Brin admitted on Sunday that he was digging the ether square with his son, which was a surprise to many.

In fact, brin said at a very early time that he saw the technology of block chain very much. Now it is not surprising that he joined the mining circle in the ether shop. Brin thinks that the mining of EIT is playing a central role in the recent "computing boom", which helps to promote the "technological Renaissance". In a letter to investors in May this year, brin wrote to investors: "we are really in a period of technological revival. This is an exciting moment and we can see applications in almost all modern societies." Brin also boils down to the success of Google's search engines and E - mail services to take the emerging technology seriously and realize the potential "leap", and he believes developers will also treat the field of encrypted money as well. Sergei Brin also claims that the potential of zero knowledge proof is "unbelievable". These proofs can be used to indicate that transactions are accurate and that transaction data will not be leaked to nodes. This is one of the main privacy settings behind Zcash, not Monero, which confuses transactions.

Sergei Brin, co-founder of Google, said it was excavating eBay Fang Tai coins.

In addition, at yesterday's summit, brin also talked about the potential of Zcash's bottom technology zero knowledge proof (ZKP). Brin believes that the potential of zero knowledge proof is unbelievable. The "Proofs" here can verify the accuracy of the transaction, and will not disclose the transaction data to the nodes.

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