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AMD and NVIDIA compete for the virtual currency mining market ,New ETH mining GPU constantly release

date: 2018-06-08
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Although the price of the virtual currency in a range of fall, but the current price still has a high enough attraction, which makes the ETH mining GPU and graphics mill merchants also for bitter battle for mill outside the currency markets.

AMD and NVIDIA compete for the virtual currency mining market ,New ETH mining GPU constantly release

A flood of GPU into the cryptocurrency sector has forced major manufacturers to take steps to meet growing demand.In 2017, cryptocurrency miners bought three million graphics CARDS, with sales of $776 million.This is an effort by nvidia to secure the supply of video game CARDS, as virtual currency mining USES its graphics CARDS in large Numbers to drive up prices.

Since its birth, itaifang has been favored by the miners.Its initial total is 72 million, with an annual increase of about 15 million. It is expected to be converted to POS algorithm (no mining) in the first quarter of 2017, and its output will be reduced after it is converted to POS algorithm.Each block has 5 COINS, and the daily output is about 40,000 yuan. The rate of mining solids is high, and the difficulty is to adjust each block once.

To pursue stable and sustainable income, mainly depends on the graphics card computing power, there are a lot of mining video CARDS in the market at present.Because mining mainly depends on the performance of the graphics card, the more powerful the graphics card, that is, the higher the computational power, the more powerful the mining ability.In addition, the number of development CARDS that can be contained in the mining machine also affects the mining income.From the original six CARDS to the present eight CARDS, the mining machine is also the upgrade of products caused by the miners' pursuit of computational power.

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