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Regardless of the technology wave, blockchain investment is the judgment of humanity and potential?

date: 2018-05-17
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Not long ago, Li ka-shing, the founder of Changhe Faction and Hong Kong's richest man, announced his formal retirement after attending a shareholders' meeting. He has paid much attention to the number of digital currencies he has bought, and which blockchain investments he has laid out, as the outside world is feverishly discussing his business landscape and his legendary life.

Different from the “Warren”Buffett for COINS, Mr Li ka-shing willingness to accept new things more than many peers, and even a young man, and always think "risk their own opportunities. According to himself, "I am more conservative, (COINS) absolute risk", combined with his based on block chain industry infrastructure investment (mainly comprehensive block Blockstream chain platform, database, etc.), the blockchain investment behavior also is easy to understand, in addition to the personal interest, is more reflected in the human nature and judgment of the trend.

Realistically, buying digital currency is only the first step, and the next blockchain technology is likely to push the fourth technological revolution. With executives, when to think about this problem from the perspective of enterprise, you will find that block chain technology can not only solve the account reconciliation for enterprise existing time-consuming work, high energy consumption and cost, problems, and can realize instant verification. It also means that, while cutting costs in the middle, such as spending cuts and office work, it can help companies achieve more efficient operations. This is probably the biggest value of the block chain investment application. Moreover, the blockchain will be one of the five key technologies, including automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things.

Indeed, many of the country's biggest Banks have recently begun to move into blockchain investments and cryptocurrency areas to meet the needs of customers for buying and participating in blockchains. Bank of America, for example, says it has the most investment in the block chain network and technology sector in davos.

Like Bluzelle blockchain database has a startup for HSBC, Microsoft, and large enterprise groups such as mitsubishi ufj bank established a trusted block chain network, and also through some chain alliance using Ethernet fang, Rayleigh wave the block chain network. Major Banks, such as jpmorgan chase, Goldman sachs and Bank of America, work with large companies and conglomerates by offering loans, banking services and business solutions. While carrying out these main businesses, they also need to work with third-party service providers to deal with issues such as auditing and labor costs to maintain the management of their supply chains and other businesses. Chain network from this view, if these blocks and startups can successfully replace the logistics department and the relevant human, and eliminate the supply chain and operations covering some of the costs, then the block chain investment application technology revolution, also from a step closer to reality.

In these two days, HP company announced a new partnership, the company will with the Swiss encryption startups Streamr joined forces to create an integrated intelligent car platform, through the chain block and share data with other vehicles. The results of the co-operation would 2018 consensus conference in New York next week (blockchain technology and encryption currency's annual event) on display, Streamr pavilion, visitors will be able to see the data by 3 d audi Q2 chassis "flow".At this stage, HP has been active in the area of blockchain enterprise, and last year launched the "blockchain service" for enterprise customers. Its "mission-critical" approach is thought to be the company's ledger technology for tracking and marshaling data from Banks to cars and jets.

Visibly, in finance, supply chain, environmental protection and food security, medical treatment, automobile manufacturing, and other important areas, have a common, synchronization, shareable investment and application block chain channels, and gradually become a mainstream trend, valuable data, of course, is still the core of innovation contest. As we meet the future pace of the construction of the cities and towns, the real-time data is needed to push forward Wisdom City, so both HP and Intel, attention and investment can benefit from digital currency and blockchain technology company, is also relatively sensible investment strategy.

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