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What will the "Chip Crisis" of a Trade War have lasting implications on the GPU miner merchants?

date: 2018-05-04
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The use of electronic components such as "Chip" and "Graphics card" is believed to be familiar to all. They are not only widely used, but they are rapidly updated.It is an indispensable core hardware for the miners and the GPU miner merchants.

Small "chip", not only is the "brain" of the electronic equipment, from big may be regarded as the "cornerstone" of the information age, to the enterprise, and even a country's high-end research and development and manufacturing capacity is also a great test. Our chip research and development technology is a short board, but the "chip crisis" that continues to this end of march has reignited the anxiety and the "core pain" of Chinese people. This means that the mining difficulty will continue to rise for a certain period of time, beyond the uncertainty factors such as the share of the pool, the number of miners and the total net power. Source is from the "trade war", the United States to our country imposing import tariffs on goods, and to the electronics giant zte "it is forbidden to buy components" ban of seven years. The electronic market, which has always depended on imports, is a mixed blessing. The "chip wars" triggered by trade wars could lead to a mismatch between supply and demand in imported electronics, including graphics chips and memory, causing prices to rise. So, in addition to face the ups and downs of digital currency market volatility, jumps and calculate the force caused by inadequate supply of high-end brand graphics all rise in price, demand and mining machine exponentially, the status quo, but also makes the GPU miner merchants have been very bittersweet..

Of course, from the big picture, one of the things to be optimistic about is that zte's current crisis may be a new opportunity for our domestic chip industry or the entire upstream and downstream industry chain. So far, it has been reported that Taiwan mediatek technology and other well-known suppliers will continue to provide the chips for zte, undoubtedly to appease the people's mood.

To against the "China electronic first street" and "distribution center" of the world's largest mining machine such as the laudatory name of shenzhen huaqiang north district as an example, the statistics show, mill boom from last year until now, has attracted at least sixty percent of the merchants to come on the market are in the business of selling mill. In order to expand the market, people to stock up, to attract customers can be said to be various, each to do their best. Among them, there are still a lot of GPU miner merchants who know how to give full play to their location advantages, and are good at integrating resources and providing brand services. They are dedicated to carry out research "production pin" integration business, expand the industrial chain, expand the team, with a certain product advantages and service quality to win the broad masses of customers favor, well-known both at home and abroad market, perfectly realized product and word of mouth "pay equal attention to, quality and benefits" win-win ", made a good example for all businesses.

It was the best of times and the worst of times,somebody said. But one thing to be sure is that solo play is no longer popular. On the contrary, open cooperation – wil lead to the wider road.

Looking to the future market, the typical "made in China" mining machine, represented by shenzhen huaqiang north digital currency miner, will continue to lead the country, or globally. As the industry regulation and clean up more and more normative and orderly, the entire mining machine industry chain with constantly improve, believe that there is a brand GPU miner merchants at the helm of ability , instead to just hold your horses, on foot, focus more on professional technology and data accumulation, the research and development strength, talents cultivation, the user experience, comprehensive service and branding effort, strive to make new and old users in the digital economy era before get more stable earnings, for the whole market huaqiang north mining machine or the benign development of mining industry to contribute.

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