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The digital currency market is increasingly hot, ETC will usher in a new surge

date: 2017-12-26
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Since entering December, the digital currency market has entered a state of madness. Various mainstream digital currencies have been hurriedly hit a new high. Bitcoin swelled rapidly from 60,000 yuan a week to 120,000 yuan, followed by Litecoin and Ethereum. Litecoin prices soared to a historical high of 2,000 yuan. Ethereum prices doubled to 5,000 yuan The highest point, Rui Bo coins are also upset prices for two days turned 3 Fan, refresh the highest record in history.

As the second tier of digital currencies Litecoin, Rui Bo currency have been skyrocketing prices, then the same as the second echelon of the ETC will erupt? Recent indications also suggest that ETC has also repeatedly tried price breakthroughs.

In June 2016, Ethereum was hard-forked because of the huge Ethereum stolen from The DAO project. The hard fork was not recognized by the community. Some people insisted that the irreversibility of the block chain is immutable. Against the hard fork In the end, the Ethereum community split and ETC and ETH moved to different development paths. ETC and ETH in the technical framework is not much difference, but different monetary policy, there is no ceiling on the total amount of ETH. On December 12, the ETC started to implement the new monetary policy with a total amount of less than 23 million and the ETC is also reducing its output continuously. This has effectively stopped the inflation problem and guaranteed its intrinsic value.

ETC is the same as BCH, which is divided due to differences in community discovery of future development, including power, consensus, supporters and infrastructure. At the time of writing, the price of BCH was about US $ 2,000, while the price of BTC was about US $ 16,000, with only eight times the difference. At its highest, BCH had a 1: 2 ratio to BTC. In contrast ETC and ETH bottom structure is basically the same, but the price goes a long way. At the time of writing, the ETC was about $ 32 and the ETH was about $ 740, with a price gap of more than 20 times. If you just follow the example of BCH, ETC has at least several times more room to appreciate.

ETC as the only brother of ETH, the market value is seriously undervalued, BCH example is the best description. And in addition to bitcoin's brother BCH, a variety of IFO coins also occupy not small bitcoin's market share. From this perspective, ETC prices have at least several times the growth potential. In addition, ETC is also constantly making efforts in the field of Internet of Things, and continuously plowing down hard work in the field of Internet of Things. Internet of Things is a very broad market, the combination of ETC and the Internet of Things will create a miracle.

From a technical point of view, the current ETC is more secure. ETC's development team ETCDEV has been pragmatic and steady efforts to promote the development of ETC, ETC to become more stable, more flexible and more mature. The mature and stable team and technology ensure the safety of the platform system. It has laid a good foundation for the rise of the price of the currency. To date, there have been no major security incidents in the ETC. ETH has resulted in frequent accidents and systematic loopholes.

ETC also has several new projects in place such as replacing existing EVMs with EtpuVM to help make it faster and more compatible with the Internet of Things; Emerald Project can develop for Dapp Who provide the platform; there are some tools to integrate external services into the ETC.

To sum up: underestimation of ETC value is only temporary, the price of the outbreak will be the best proof.

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