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21/5000 12 Yuè 15 rì língchén,ETH jiāng yíng lái dì yī gè fēn chā bì Early morning of December 15,

date: 2017-12-26
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114/5000Jù Ethereum Modification(EMO) xiàngmù guānfāng pīlù, jìhuà jiàng zài 12 yuè 15 rì, qū kuài gāodù 4733333 jìn háng fēn chā,ETH chí yǒu zhě jiāng 1:1 Huòdé EMO. Dàyuē shì shòu cǐ xiāoxī yǐngxiǎng,ETH jiàgé bàozhǎng chuàng lìshǐ xīngāo, mùqián bàojià 4900 yuán zuǒyòu.According to the official disclosure of the Ethereum Modification (EMO) project, the plan is to fork at a block height of 4733333 on December 15, and ETH holders will earn a 1: 1 EMO. About affected by this news, ETH prices hit a record high, the current offer about 4900 yuan.


The bifurcation will generate a new generation of coins, EMO, with a fixed total of 105 million, five times that of bitcoin. Liao Xiang, the founder of BitGold (BTG), is a consultant to the project.

Bifurcation transaction speed and cost will be significantly improved. ETH realizes everybody currency, EMO will realize everyone hair chain, solve the block chain innovation and supply problem.

In addition, on January 1, 2018, Ethereum will be bifurcated at a block height of about 4,830,000. The new token is the ETF.

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