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39/5000 Yǐtài fāng chuàngshǐ rén Vitalik Buterin dāngxuǎn péng bó xīnwén shè 50 wèi zuì jù yǐngxiǎn

date: 2017-12-26
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Bloomberg News has released a list of the 50 most influential people this year, and this year's list includes Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum. The list of top 50 Bloomberg companies includes the most important promoters and influencers in any industry over the past year. Some of Vitalik Buterin's partners include Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive officer of Amazon, Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and Elon Musk, billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla.

Vitalik Buterin was not surprised to be elected. The bitcoin market has exploded, bringing bitcoin and Ethereum to the forefront. Ethereum itself has also reached its highest point in history in recent days, with each Ethereum costing more than $ 470.


The revolutionary technology of a 23-year-old miracle boy who has changed the technological landscape of the world triggered a wave of waves in the financial industry that brought tremendous volatility to startups and computer programmers worldwide. Reflective technology platforms have received special attention in the areas of crowdfunding and financial resources.

According to the list maker, "But Ethereum could subvert the blockchain approach, which continues to grab Wall Street's attention and has changed the way the company financed development." Ethereum is a The popular purchase of digital cryptocurrencies and ICO tools bypassing the traditional venture capital and initial public offerings (so far in terms of securities regulation). Ethereum has helped blockchain startups raise more than this year 3 billion U.S. dollars. "

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