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Why is the miner hosted? How to choose a better miner hosting service?

date: 2018-05-11
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Is it necessary for some mining users to host the miner? What's the saving grace?

We all know that the digital currency, such as the ether, is produced by mining. When the mine owners start to own a new mining machine, they will definitely take into account the price, power, quality and electricity of the mine. After all, the power determines the amount of money you earn each day, and the quality of the mine determines the operating cycle of the mine, and the price and electricity of the mine determines our cost and the return cycle. In addition to these hard indicators, the subsequent service and performance of the mine are stable, but are directly related to the stability, safety and earnings of the miner. Only by guaranteeing the long-term normal and stable operation of the mining machine can we dig more money and create more benefits.

In reality, many owners of mines have been plagued by high power consumption, limited space and unstable running, and have been forced to look for regular mining methods. For a better mining experience, consider starting with the mine hosting service.

What is the mine hosting? To put it simply, put the purchased mine in a professional mine with a proper hosting qualification, and they will provide you with a pool to provide for maintenance. Of course, the electricity prices that the hosting companies can get are very favorable and reasonable, and there is no need to worry about the legitimacy of these enterprises.

General mill hosting there are two ways, one is investors to buy their own mill, managed contracts with managed enterprise, and then send the mill to hosting companies belonging to a field in a managed mining business and another is that buying directly from managed enterprises after mill, sign a contract to participate in hosting mining business. Like we blacktigershark, we provide one-stop service for the sale, hosting and after-sales of the mine, and can provide 24-hour real-time monitoring and protection.

Taken together, what are the advantages of the black tiger shark technology? What is the process?

1. We can debug the machine and set the mining parameters, otherwise the calculation is not stable, and the mining machine can hardly exert the maximum efficiency.

2. In our special mine, it is not only safe, but also the artificial cost stands, and the collective mining is obviously more cost-effective.

3. Excessive heat and noise will be generated in the mining industry, which requires air-conditioning and heat dissipation.

4. It is installed by the special person, and has 24-hour comprehensive care, dealing with all kinds of hardware and software problems, so as to solve the worries of mine owners.

5. There will be lower electricity prices, which of course will be lower than the normal price on the market. Our site is regular, the electricity is formal, fully guarantee the interests of the mine owners.

The process of our Blacktigershark miner hosting service is: We provide one-stop mining service. For you to select the most cost-effective mining machine, after the mining machine shipment, transport to the designated mine, by professional technicians installation, debugging equipment, and arrange the launch to start mining. Provide the address of the wallet directly to the customer, and immediately inform you of the date of the calculation. Provide 24-hour uninterrupted mining real-time monitoring, open and transparent, let you anytime and anywhere through the phone to understand the benefits and mining progress, a fixed time every month to settle with you any revenue last month, ensure customer zero risk investment, and maximize returns.

Under the influence of the environment, the virtual currency mining business will no longer be a niche investment, but every investor can participate in it. The rise of the hosting business of the mining machine undoubtedly marks the arrival of the mining era, which is also a bellwether for the advent of the digital economy era. In order to invest in virtual currency mining, there is a strong mining support that is critical, beyond buying high-performance mines. The key is to look at the overall strength of the business and the brand reputation.

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