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Time: 2018 - 09 - 11
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As we all know, the GPU miner mainly to dig the benefit of ethereum is the highest. So what is the total amount of ether? At present, the volume of ether COINS is over 90 million, and 18 million yuan is needed to be generated regularly every year. Ether lane generates 250 blocks per hour, and each block is rewarded with 5 COINS (with some transaction fees and other rewards). Every day for 24h, that is to say, 30,000 + COINS are added every day. So there is no limit to the amount of ether.So that raises the question, how long can the GPU miner be dug?Every miners have considered the problem, how long can also dig the etheric currency, will be after I buy the video card mill can't dig, or investment after the mill haven't back to this will not be able to dig the etheric COINS, I can tell you...
Time: 2018 - 08 - 09
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According to a survey by LLP, a US law firm, investors and corporate executives think the ether workshop is the best investment option compared to mainstream encrypted currencies such as bitcoin. At the same time, they also hope to strengthen the supervision of the encryption market.The survey is done by more than 60 professionals, most of them investors or business executives, which include issues related to regulations, investment, ICO, market capitalization, and market collapse, providing investors with important data that should be paid attention to in the coming year.The survey showed that most of the respondents wanted to strengthen the regulation of the US encryption market, because so far, it is not clear how to apply current financial regulations to the digital asset market.Of the...
Time: 2018 - 07 - 26
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Why do you use a video card to dig up the mine? Why does it burn out the cards? Why do the mining machines use a video card? Get up and get to know it.Compared with the complex operation of CPU, the GPU used by the graphics card is general computation. So you can stack hundreds of stream processors, each stream processor is like a small CPU, although its ability to run complex programs is far less than the power of CPU, but the flow processor is too much, so the actual performance, especially the single precision floating-point performance is much stronger than that of the CPU.The movements within the coin dug can be considered to be using the graphics card to make continuous general calculation, and the computational complexity is relatively low and quite repetitive, and the flow processo...
Time: 2018 - 07 - 18
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During the block chain summit in the Kasbah Tamadot hotel in Morocco, Forbes reporter Michael del Castillo announced the latest push, saying that the current president of the Alphabet, Google co - founder Sergei Brin admitted on Sunday that he was digging the ether square with his son, which was a surprise to many.In fact, brin said at a very early time that he saw the technology of block chain very much. Now it is not surprising that he joined the mining circle in the ether shop. Brin thinks that the mining of EIT is playing a central role in the recent "computing boom", which helps to promote the "technological Renaissance". In a letter to investors in May this year, brin wrote to investors: "we are really in a period of technological revival. This is an exciting...
Time: 2018 - 07 - 10
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If you want to invest in virtual currency mining, in addition to the need to purchase mining machines, you also need to have suitable venues and someone to watch and maintain it. Of course, appropriate electricity prices are also indispensable. However, the average investor will encounter a series of difficult problems from the beginning of the purchase of mining machines. The hosting service of mining machines solves these problems. There are many factors that affect mining, such as the performance and power consumption of the mining machine, the computing power and difficulty of the entire network, the deployment and maintenance capabilities of the mine, the availability of cheap electricity resources, and the direction of currency prices and policies. Today, small and medium-sized miner...
Time: 2018 - 06 - 08
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Although the price of the virtual currency in a range of fall, but the current price still has a high enough attraction, which makes the ETH mining GPU and graphics mill merchants also for bitter battle for mill outside the currency markets.A flood of GPU into the cryptocurrency sector has forced major manufacturers to take steps to meet growing demand.In 2017, cryptocurrency miners bought three million graphics CARDS, with sales of $776 million.This is an effort by nvidia to secure the supply of video game CARDS, as virtual currency mining USES its graphics CARDS in large Numbers to drive up prices.Since its birth, itaifang has been favored by the miners.Its initial total is 72 million, with an annual increase of about 15 million. It is expected to be converted to POS algorithm (no mining...
Time: 2018 - 06 - 01
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Shenzhen BlackTigerShark Technology Co., Ltd. - professional video card mining machine business, located in the "China Electronics First Street," the honorary title of the business district - Huaqiang North commercial area. The company is dedicated to the integrated business of R&D, production and sales of professional mining machines for graphics cards. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in professional mining machines for graphics cards. The company has a strong technical research and development team, focusing on research on chips, graphics cards, and computer networks for many years, constantly improving the configuration of the mining machine, ensuring that the black tiger shark professional mining machine has top-level computing power based on ultra-low power con...
Time: 2018 - 05 - 24
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Although the current digital currency trend is in a state of ups and downs, the domestic mining business has been in full swing. The rise of the mining hosting business undoubtedly marks the arrival of the era of national mining. Cryptocurrency mining is legal in most countries. It is not illegal to use low-cost electricity to mine, but it is illegal to illegally use cheap electricity to mine cryptocurrencies.Mining is legal in most areas because it helps grid operators to dispose of excess energy that they cannot provide to their families and businesses. Therefore, although local governments tried to prohibit the exploitation of cryptocurrency in the past, in most countries, the current mining is still unrestricted.It is also illegal to use Bitcoin to mine bitcoin or any other cryptocurre...
Time: 2018 - 05 - 24
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Since the block chain as the currency of the underlying technology become popular, block chain investment has become the focus of capital market, especially in the digital currency after the early ups and downs, received great attention from all walks of life.Zhejiang provincial government held a seminar on "block chain technology and application" on May 8, Governor Yuan Jiajun stressed that to seriously implement the digital China, Xi jinping, general secretary of the strategic thought of network power, create conditions to speed up to push block chain investment, artificial intelligence, digital technology such as cloud computing, big data and the real economy, social development depth fusion, the full implementation of the "number one project" digital economy, c...
Time: 2018 - 05 - 17
The number of clicks: 809
Not long ago, Li ka-shing, the founder of Changhe Faction and Hong Kong's richest man, announced his formal retirement after attending a shareholders' meeting. He has paid much attention to the number of digital currencies he has bought, and which blockchain investments he has laid out, as the outside world is feverishly discussing his business landscape and his legendary life.Different from the “Warren”Buffett for COINS, Mr Li ka-shing willingness to accept new things more than many peers, and even a young man, and always think "risk their own opportunities. According to himself, "I am more conservative, (COINS) absolute risk", combined with his based on block chain industry infrastructure investment (mainly comprehensive block Blockstream chain platform, database, etc.), t...
Time: 2018 - 05 - 11
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Is it necessary for some mining users to host the miner? What's the saving grace?We all know that the digital currency, such as the ether, is produced by mining. When the mine owners start to own a new mining machine, they will definitely take into account the price, power, quality and electricity of the mine. After all, the power determines the amount of money you earn each day, and the quality of the mine determines the operating cycle of the mine, and the price and electricity of the mine determines our cost and the return cycle. In addition to these hard indicators, the subsequent service and performance of the mine are stable, but are directly related to the stability, safety and earnings of the miner. Only by guaranteeing the long-term normal and stable operation of the mining machin...
Time: 2018 - 05 - 10
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Since the digital currency become popular, review its development course, the market has been ups and downs, there are bears, the market development is on the rise.At the same time, mining industry chain have miner sales, miner hosting and computing power sharing are also changing with the fluctuation of the currency market.There are many factors that can affect mining reality, performance and power consumption of such as miner, cut in the deployment of the work force and the difficulty, mine and operational ability, the electricity price of mine, and currency and policy orientation and so on. The maintenance of the miner requires close monitoring by technicians, and it can be dealt with in time when there is a sudden drop, power failure or damage to the accessories, so as to reduce t...
Time: 2018 - 05 - 04
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The use of electronic components such as "Chip" and "Graphics card" is believed to be familiar to all. They are not only widely used, but they are rapidly updated.It is an indispensable core hardware for the miners and the GPU miner merchants.Small "chip", not only is the "brain" of the electronic equipment, from big may be regarded as the "cornerstone" of the information age, to the enterprise, and even a country's high-end research and development and manufacturing capacity is also a great test. Our chip research and development technology is a short board, but the "chip crisis" that continues to this end of march has reignited the anxiety and the "core pain" of Chinese people. This means that the mining difficult...
Time: 2017 - 12 - 14
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Brand New BlackTigerShark Technology website is going liveWe’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is going live this December. The updated site includes changes to visual identity, user interface, and structure of our content with the goal to promote better support for our customers.   We hope our new website brings you a pleasant experience. At same time, we welcome comments and feedback to helps us keep improving our user experience and customer support.We appreciate your support to our company and look forward to continuing providing our customers the state of art crypto mining solutions.
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